Mission & Vision

Active Excersie for a New Horizon

Well-being is not just about physical health, it also includes mental health and social health. To attain genuine well-being, we must maintain a good work-life balance. With good physical and psychological conditions, you can enjoy work, sports and leisure time with your loved ones and improve your quality of life. Our clinic not only provides physiotherapy treatments, but also advocates “active exercise” to strengthen your physical health.

  • We advocate healthy lifestyle to better our health and quality of life.
  • We encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to have regular exercise so as to lower the risk of injury and improve our physical health.
  • We have a team of registered physiotherapists who provide professional and reliable services at reasonable fees to benefit more people.

* We have adopted Code of Practice against Discrimination in Employment on the Ground of Sexual Orientation to promote equal opportunities irrespective of their sexual orientation.

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