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Established in 2007, Horizon Physiotherapy Clinic provides reliable and effective treatments through its team of registered and experienced physiotherapists. Our caring and passionate team provides detailed examination and diagnosis before designing tailor-made treatment plans for patients, allowing them to resume daily work and exercise, as well as to enjoy leisure activities.

We care for our patients. We not only provide effective treatments but also care for their well-being. We encourage people, regardless of their age, to have regular exercise and maintain work-life balance to enhance their quality of life. This can lower the risk of overuse injuries such as knee pain and degeneration, back and neck pain, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Many people are keen on sports and fitness exercise. However, without sufficient warm-up or training, they may get injured easily. Very often, people get injured due to improper postures or techniques. Ankle sprain, back sprain and knee ligament tear are some of the more common injuries.

Our experienced physiotherapists provide reliable physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries and chronic pain syndrome. Common injuries and disorders include back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis. Our team is also experienced in providing treatments for osteoarthritis and post-operative rehabilitation (orthopedics), and possesses knowledge related to occupational safety and general health issues for the benefits of our patients.

Our clinic is well-equipped to provide Shockwave therapy, Spinal traction therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Interferential therapy, Acupuncture, Electrical stimulation, Cold therapy, and Hot therapy. In addition, our dedicated physiotherapists provide Exercise therapy and Sports taping to accelerate recovery. In order to ensure the best treatment results, we recommend patients to adopt proper postures and regular exercise habit, and improve their workplace environment.

Apart from providing treatments to our patients, we also provide health education and host regular seminars and workshops to promote occupational safety. We also work closely with PTU Medical Centre, integrating both Chinese and Western medicine to provide quality health care, with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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